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What's easyQBD ?

easyQBD is a SaaS platform that can be used to achieve three ojectives: to design experiments supported by an expert, to apply QbD in an agile way and to implement an AQbD approach for the development of robust analytical procedures.

Each study is managed using an Agile approach which aims to break down large projects into smaller, manageable tasks called sprints, allowing teams to adapt and to change more easily and deliver value incrementally.

In each QbD sprint, a QbD expert advices you, both for the design of experiments and the statistical analysis of the experimental data.

Optimize the formulation of your product

By considering quality aspects early in the development process, this proactive approach ensures that the final product consistently meets predefined quality standards, reducing variability and enhancing the added value of the product.

Derisk your drug development

QbD emphasizes the identification and mitigation of risks throughout the product lifecycle. By conducting risk assessments and employing quality risk management (QRM) tools, developers can anticipate and address potential issues before they impact product quality or regulatory compliance. This proactive risk management approach enhances project success and reduces the likelihood of costly delays or failures.

Speed up your market entry

QbD aligns with regulatory expectations for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. By providing a systematic framework for documenting product and process understanding, QbD facilitates regulatory submissions and approvals. This can result in expedited review times and increased confidence from regulatory agencies, ultimately accelerating market entry and maximizing the commercial value of the drug project.


The easiest way to implement the pharmaceutical Quality by Design (ICH Q8-Q13) and Analytical Quality by Design (ICH Q14) ✅

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Our clients love us

Thanks to depth attentiveness and comprehension of client’s needs, CYBERNANO is a reliable partner that delivers on time and complete outcomes. Highly competent in biological data modeling and analyses, the team shares their knowledge with pedagogy.




CYBERNANO has done a great job in assisting us to accelerate the optimization of our mRNA and lipid based nanoparticle platform. The CYBERNANO team combines excellent technical knowledge on data modelling with a customer oriented mindset and can do attitude. Highly recommended!


Stefaan De Koker


Thanks to CYBERNANO expertise in bioproduction process optimisation Steminov has accelerated its drug candidate development. The QbD approach and platform of CYBERNANO is unique and a must have in any company working in bioproduction. 


Julie Hutin


CYBERNANO team has shown great professionalism, flexibility, and availability in the execution of their mission. CYBERNANO is attentive to the customer’s needs and has been able to suggest solutions compatible with industrial constraints through their meticulous data analysis




You want to save 20% of development time !?

Quality by Design allows to identify the critical quality attribute of your products and critical process parameters, but also to determine the relationship between them.

This knowledge makes it possible to predict the optimal product formulation and manufacturing recipe, as well as robust analytical procedures.

Photo de profil de Thierry Bastogne, CSO et cofondateur de CYBERNANO