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The easiest way to implement the Quality by Design (ICH Q8-Q13) and Analytical Quality by Design (ICH Q14) good practices for drug development.

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Quality by Control: Process control strategies to adjust in real-time critical process parameters and compensate for fluctuations of uncontrolled factors.

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Quality by Learning: Machine learning, data-driven modeling and digital twins to address challenges associated with continued process validation.

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CYBERNANO has done a great job in assisting us to accelerate the optimization of our mRNA and lipid based nanoparticle platform. The CYBERNANO team combines excellent technical knowledge on data modelling with a customer oriented mindset and can do attitude. Highly recommended!


Stefaan De Koker


Thanks to CYBERNANO expertise in bioproduction process optimisation Steminov has accelerated its drug candidate development. The QbD approach and platform of CYBERNANO is unique and a must have in any company working in bioproduction. 


Julie Hutin


CYBERNANO team has shown great professionalism, flexibility, and availability in the execution of their mission. CYBERNANO is attentive to the customer’s needs and has been able to suggest solutions compatible with industrial constraints through their meticulous data analysis





Quality by Design (QbD) is a systematic and science-based approach to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing that emphasizes a proactive and integrated strategy for ensuring product quality.

It involves designing and controlling the manufacturing process to consistently produce a product with the desired quality attributes, while considering the variability in raw materials and process parameters.

QbD aims to enhance product understanding, optimize processes, and minimize the risk of defects, ultimately leading to more robust and reliable pharmaceutical products.

Quality by Design (QbD) is widely applied in the pharmaceutical industry to improve and ensure the quality of drug products.

Its main applications include guiding the development of robust manufacturing processes, optimizing formulation design, identifying critical process parameters, facilitating risk management, and enhancing overall product and process understanding.

QbD principles are also employed to streamline regulatory submissions, promote continuous improvement, and ensure the consistent production of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

A software is just a tool.

QbD is a science-based approach which requires the combination of three key ingredients to be efficiently implemented: a relevant and agile method, appropriate statistical tools and an experienced expert.

Quality by Design (QbD) is ideally implemented early in the drug development cycle, typically during the research and development phase (TRL >2).

By integrating QbD principles from the beginning, pharmaceutical companies can design robust processes and identify critical quality attributes (CQAs) for the drug product.

This proactive approach enables a thorough understanding of the product and process, allowing for the identification and control of critical parameters.

The QbD framework continues to be applied throughout the development cycle, including preclinical (TRL 3-4) and clinical phases (TRL 5-6).

However, its full implementation becomes particularly crucial during the late-stage development and scale-up processes (TRL 7-8).

By incorporating QbD during these stages, manufacturers can enhance process robustness, reduce the risk of variability, and ensure the consistent production of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Overall, the goal is to integrate QbD principles into every stage of drug development to promote a systematic and science-based approach to quality assurance.

The implementation of Quality by Design (QbD) can vary in complexity depending on factors such as the nature of the drug product, the manufacturing process, and the organization’s existing quality management practices.

While the principles of QbD are straightforward, their successful implementation often requires a cultural shift within the organization, additional resources, and a commitment to adopting a systematic and science-based approach to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

Key challenges in implementing QbD may include the need for enhanced scientific understanding of the product and process, the identification of critical quality attributes (CQAs) and critical process parameters (CPPs), and the establishment of design space.

Additionally, organizations may need to invest in training and development to ensure that personnel are proficient in QbD principles and tools.

Despite the initial challenges, the long-term benefits of QbD can include improved process robustness, enhanced product quality, reduced variability, and more efficient regulatory submissions.

Organizations that successfully implement QbD often find that the upfront investment leads to greater predictability and control over the manufacturing process, ultimately contributing to the delivery of safer and more effective pharmaceutical products.

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